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Wiki - A simple tool for collaboration

Sat Aug 07 10:46:17 EDT 2004

A wiki is simple, yet powerful. You can use it for sharing information and collaborative authoring of content. A wiki is also one of the most useful ways of sharing informal knowledge among a group of people.

The name wiki is derived from wiki-wiki, a Hawaiian term to mean quick. Setting up one is easy. There are several open source packages available. You can get started easily. Here is a link to one minute wiki.

One of the best examples of a wiki is wikipedia, an open content encyclopedia with over 300,000 articles. It is authored by over 6000 active contributors all over the world.

At iMorph we use wikis a lot. We use it for collaborating on project specifications and sharing resources and links. I personally use a wiki as a learning log and a link database.

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